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2 quotes from The Heiress in His Bed: 'You're so ugly,” Belinda whined, briefly claiming his grace's attention.“Who are you?” he bl.
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I lived with you for 20 years before I found out you didn't love me.

Bedding the Heiress

I don't know that Morris would have hurt me or starved me for affection more than you did. Since you couldn't love me, you should have let someone else try. Sloper: You have found a tongue at last, Catherine. Is it only to say such terrible things to me? Catherine: Yes, this is a field where you will not compare me to my mother. Sloper: Should I have let him ruin your life?

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You'll find some honest, decent man someday. You have many fine qualities. Sloper: Yes, that should make it possible for you to choose with discretion. Catherine: If I am to buy a man, I would prefer buying Morris. Sloper: Don't say such things. You know him to be a scoundrel.

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Catherine: I love him. Does that humiliate you? Sloper: Catherine, promise me you are done with him. Catherine: I won't promise. Sloper: Then I must alter my will. Catherine: You should. You should do it immediately.

She retrieves a piece of paper and pen, and begins writing out a revised will for her father, but he refuses to dictate the terms before considering the matter further, due to his illness: "I don't want to do it. I don't want to disinherit my only child. And then she aggravates him further by suggesting: "I may take your money and chase after Morris and squander it on him. Shortly later, Catherine refuses to come to her father's bedside, even as he lays dying and requests her presence. A number of years later, Catherine has matured into a more lovely, attractive, self-possessed, strong-willed woman and she has come into her inheritance.

She is in charge of the Washington Square house, where she lives with her confidante Aunt Lavinia. She learns that Morris Townsend has been back in town for a week. According to Lavinia who accidentally ran into Morris, he asked many questions about Catherine, and seemed "very interested" that she hadn't married: "He fears that you never understood him, that you never judged him rightly.

Although she insists on refusing his entry and claiming she is not at home, she changes her mind after hearing his voice at the door. Morris first asks: "Do I offend you by coming? Thinking that he can excuse his own dastardly betrayal, he explains that he left in order to keep her from losing her inheritance, and begs for her understanding:. I've never ceased to think of you Ever since the night I left, it's been the desire of my life that you should understand my motives Catherine, it was because I loved you that I disappeared that night But I knew that if I returned that night, I might have done you great harm.

You know, my dear, no man who really loves a woman could ever permit her to give up a great inheritance just for him. He further claims that he wasn't sure whether her father was testing him or not: "I had to make a choice. I chose your welfare rather than my own. Can you think of it that way? Catherine, will you forgive me for the pain I caused you? Believing that he has been forgiven, the beguiling Morris boldly reminds her that they are free to love again, and that he needs her love - with a second marriage proposal:. We've only waited and now, now we're free.

Nothing stands between us, Catherine Let us make the rest of life happy for each other By picking up where we left off. By marrying, Catherine You would make me the proudest and happiest man in the world. And I will try and be a good husband to you. I'm older. I'm wiser now. And I know that you love me. I need that.

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I need it more than anything else. She asks: "When would you like to marry me? She asks for time to pack, while he makes arrangements and picks up his belongings at his sister's home, before meeting him at pm. As he leaves, he promises: "You will have no regrets. Although intrusive and effusive matchmaker Lavinia congratulates Catherine "We have him back" , Catherine has no intention of marrying Morris.

She draws the curtains in the front room, and insists on finishing her embroidery sampler work "I must finish it now, for I shall never do another" - before revealing her plot to avenge and reject Morris so that he will never return and lie to her again:. Catherine: He came back with the same lies, the same silly phrases He has grown greedier with the years.

The first time, he only wanted my money. Now he wants my love, too.

Well, he came to the wrong house, and he came twice. I shall see that he never comes a third time. Lavinia: surprised Catherine, do you know what you're doing? Catherine: Yes. Lavinia: Poor Morris. Can you be so cruel? Catherine: Yes, I can be very cruel.

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I have been taught by masters. The climax of William Wyler's film is one of the most compelling and powerful ever made. On the night of a second promised elopement in a stunning climactic scene of ultimate revenge, Catherine calmly remains working on the embroidery until 9 o'clock when she hears a horse carriage approaching and a ringing doorbell - signaling her rendezvous with Morris.

As she finishes the final stitches, she commands the maid to bolt the door from the inside "Bolt it, Maria Bolt the door, Maria".

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Morris becomes more frantic and bangs on the locked door with the iron door-knocker, futilely calling out: "Catherine? Carrying another lighted gas lamp, the steely-eyed Catherine coldly walks up the long, extremely steep flight of stairs in the front hallway, filmed from in front of her.

As Morris watches the light move away and diminish in strength, he becomes more frenzied as he beats vainly on the door: "Catherine, Catherine, Catherine! In perspective, she has bested both her father now deceased and her only suitor - two males who condemned her to become a permanent spinster. The film's 'The End' appears on the screen, before the film fades to the Paramount Pictures logo.

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The Heiress’s Education

The Heiress Pages: 1 2 3. Pages: 1 2 3. The Story continued During their excursion to Europe, Morris often visits with Aunt Lavinia in the Sloper household, and enjoys the luxuries of the Sloper's lifestyle, to pass the "unbearable" time. He thoroughly humiliates her with his abusive words: Dr. Thinking that he can excuse his own dastardly betrayal, he explains that he left in order to keep her from losing her inheritance, and begs for her understanding: I've never ceased to think of you Believing that he has been forgiven, the beguiling Morris boldly reminds her that they are free to love again, and that he needs her love - with a second marriage proposal: We've only waited and now, now we're free.

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