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John Joseph Cardiel is a professional skateboarder and snowboarder who has been a core . Why have the goal of getting sponsored and going pro?.
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Writing for Transworld Skateboarding in , Simon Woodstock explained his perspective on Cardiel's influence on skateboarding at the time: "The mark John is making on the skate scene is like a terminal illness. He can never be cured and he just won't go away. John is just percent balls out all the time, and he is destined to win and become a legend in his own time.

If cojones were measured by the size of eggs, John Cardiel's would be those of an ostrich. During the introduction of Cardiel's Sight Unseen video part, Mark Gonzales describes his view of Cardiel's skateboarding to the video's audience:. Yo, so I just wanted to say a few things about John Cardiel. First off, he's an original; his style—there's not too many people who skate like him.

The way he skates is amazing, 'cause he'll skate so fast, but it seems like the faster he goes, the more control he has But he's unbelievable. I'm not trying to kiss too much butt, but he's a ripper, an original ripper He's an original Coors.

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In , at the end of a four-week Australian road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne the touring skateboarders were filming for the skateboard movie, Tent City , Cardiel was running alongside a van when he was hit by the trailer the van was pulling and then run over by the trailer. After a hiatus, Cardiel was featured in the street fixed gear cycling film Macaframa , directed by Colin Arlen and Colby Elrick.

In , he was featured in the Vans Propeller video with some of his first skateboarding footage since the accident. Cardiel is a playable character in the Electronic Arts video games : Skate 2 and Skate 3. He appeared as well in the Grind Sessions videogame. In the final section of his part in Almost: Round Three , professional skateboarder, Daewon Song, dedicates the trick to Cardiel and another person.

In regard to the concept of skateboard sponsorship, Cardiel provided a detailed explanation of his perspective in It [skateboarding] has nothing to do with being sponsored. Skating is the more you skate, the more you're into it, and the better you get Eventually you'll get sponsored or whatever. I hope kids aren't just out there skating to get sponsored It seems like if you already had that in you, to go skate as much as possible, if that happens [if you get sponsored], you still won't lose touch with what you're really doing it for—to have fun Why have the goal of getting sponsored and going pro?

Who cares? There's no goal, it's like skating. And that's what's cool, there's so many people out there skating who aren't pro and aren't like that. And those are the people you're hanging out with. As of , Cardiel resides in Sacramento, California , US [ citation needed ] and stated in July that even though he has developed a strong interest fixed-gear cycling "I've been into bikes since before skating. It was the first way to get far away from the house and a taste of some freedom" [9] , he "can't imagine" his life without skateboarding and that he was still "skaterniverous" "I eat it!

Cardiel further stated, "At one point I'd like to open a skate shop and bike shop, but I don't have the time right now. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


I live in a small apartment and the shit gets pretty piled up sometimes. Sometimes it takes a while. We need to get more dressers and stuff. Shit definitely sits around for a while. What were they? I got them off eBay. They were these crazy Rob Dyrdek colorways that were samples; they never came out. The shoes were white patterned leather with orange camo flames. They looked insane. I just skated them and completely fucked them up. I wish I had kept those. Photo: Heikkila. There was a mountain that was ten minutes from where I was living that all of my friends would go to.

I finally gave into it and bought a snowboard. My friend started riding a snowskate and I wanted to try that thing. I started riding it, taking turns with him and I ended up buying one. I eventually never snowboarded again. I just used the snowskate all of the time. When it starts snowing you get hyped. You get a few people out and it gets crazy. Mostly my friend James but a bunch of kids from the town started trying it and got good at it.

We actually sent footage to a company called Ralston Snowskates and they hooked it up.

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Sent us a couple completes. We started riding for that shit and they ended up doing a snowskate trip. He paid for our flights to go to Big Bear in California and ended up meeting a bunch of guys who do it out there. It depends.

It feels more like a snowboard. The single-decker one is more like skating. You just throw down and do all sorts of tricks on it. But it kind of gives you the same feeling. Do you ever enjoy it more than skating? Who cares.

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How do you feel about your part? Some people pull that shit off. One Off John nollie shoves over the top rope and into the future. Photo: Blabac. Thrasher Magazine Menu Search. Older: "Kyle Walker Day " Video. Newer: Antiz "Echoes from the Road" Ep. John Shanahan Interview. Do you sew everything yourself?

John Shanahan Street Sweeper. Chris Cooney, aka The Vegan Zombie, is currently making a major motion-picture horror movie called A44 that will have a vegan message suited for the mainstream media. The movie is tentatively scheduled She posts weekly videos on cycling, nutrition, and living a vegan lifestyle. She has about 20, subscribers on her channel and is one of the few women cyclists on YouTube.

However, before Katie adopted a healthy vegan lifestyle, she suffered from an eating disor In February , Paul was out on a routine training session as a Navy Clearance Diver where he was viciously attacked by a bull shark. Paul lost his arm to the shark and later had to have his leg amputated due to the severe injury. Years later, Paul has drastically changed his life by implementing a mantra he learned during his military traini Michael Greger of NutritionFacts.

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  • Org has always been someone that I looked up to and have been inspired by. He is such a knowledgable medical doctor that is well versed in the research and scientific literature, yet is very down-to-Earth.

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    He publishes daily videos on his YouTube channel going through a variety of studies involving food and Chris Cooney, aka The Vegan Zombie, went to his doctor to find that his cholesterol levels were higher than the healthy ranges. As you can imagine, Chris was shocked because he hasn't eaten anything that has come from an animal cholester I was influenced very early in my nutrition career by Dr. John McDougall. After watching the documentary Forks Over Knives and some of his videos on his YouTube channel, I became so interested in his advocacy for a starch-based diet.

    John McDougall is the author of The Starch Solution and a medical doctor who has been speaking out about the Hi everyone, welcome to This Is Bananas. A podcast where we will talk about plant based nutrition, fitness, living a vegan lifestyle, and many other interesting topics regarding health and wellness.

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